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Long Term Care and the Family Dynamic

Thanks to healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine, people are living longer and more productive lives. But living longer increases the possibility of chronic health issues as we age, and to some, that means assisted or long term care for ourselves or for our loved ones.
What is long-term care?? Long-term care is extended, day-to-day assistance for people with extended illnesses or injuries, or those of advanced age or with conditions that they cannot adequately care for themselves.

Retirement communities typically offer services such as maintenance, housekeeping, and meals for more active seniors. Nursing homes provide 24 hour care for people with greater assistance and care needs, but they are also separated from the nurturing ?family dynamic?.
Assisted living is an option for people who need help with personal care like bathing or getting dressed.

All of these are options, but by themselves may not provide the emotional support of having family nearby. When asked, most people say they want to stay in their home as long as possible. If your loved ones share this option, it?s important to make sure the home can support the needs and lifestyles changes that will occur.? A invalid in the house will make normal routines difficult, so professional assistance will be needed.

Long-term care means making changes to the home and routines to make it safer, more comfortable and easier to manage. Hiring a professional Home Care Nurse/Caregiver may be the best solution for providing professional nursing and care-giving skills in the home environment. The professional treatment and care a Professional Home Care Nurse/Caregiver provides can ease the anxiety and stress of caring for their loved ones, making the managing of a home. a career and a family? easier and still have their loved ones nearby.

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