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Loneliness in Seniors can Lead to Serious Consequences

The effects of loneliness have been analyzed by many different studies over the years. It has been found that those who report themselves as feeling lonely usually have more physical problems than those who don?t.

A new study reported in the June issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine has differentiated the effects of depression and social isolation from the feeling of loneliness. Researchers have concluded that loneliness in and of itself needs to be thought of as a risk factor in increased mortality and other physical problems in older adults.

Loneliness was determined by answers to a three question test and those who were determined to be feeling lonely performed poorly on three of four physical function measurements. The lonelier subjects showed a decline in (1) activities of daily living, (2) upper extremity tasks, and (3) Stair climbing. There was also a significant rate of mortality in the group who was determined to be lonely.

The feeling of loneliness, depression and social isolation can affect seniors and the daily visits by a home health aide can be one way to prevent these problems form creating a medical issue. If you know a senior that can use some companionship during the day visit the Specialty Care Services website and contact our senior care experts for more information.

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