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Let?s Talk Motivation

Most people know the tremendous health benefits that regular participation in a fitness routine will have for them, but that is still not motivation enough to keep them on track with their workouts.? If looking better, feeling better, increased mobility and the chance to ward off serious disease aren?t enough motivation to keep you moving, maybe you need to take a completely different approach to your fitness program.

Start by re-evaluating your choice of activities, part of your lack of enthusiasm for your workout may stem from the fact that you aren?t really enjoying what you are doing to get fit.? It doesn?t matter if your neighbor, your son or your favorite Hollywood star has told you that the activity that you are performing is the best for getting in shape ? if you don?t enjoy it or can?t keep doing it, what those around you say doesn?t make very much difference.? Rather than picking an activity based on what has worked for someone else or what someone else enjoys, pick something that is fun for you and that will give you a much better chance of actually sticking to it.

If motivation still seems to be a bit of an issue once you?ve begun performing an activity that you enjoy, set up a goal and reward system for yourself.? Have your doctor or home nurse help you to set safe, realistic and achievable goals and once you?ve reached them, treat yourself to something that you enjoy.? If you reach your weight loss goal of eight pounds in a month, buy yourself a new top, a new DVD or a new book ? just avoid rewards that might jeopardize your hard work, like indulgences in empty calories foods.

Achieving your health goals has a lot to do with staying motivated to stick to your plan. If you can figure out how to do that, odds are you?ll be successful in your workout endeavors.? Prior to starting a new fitness plan, be sure to consult your doctor or health care provider to be sure that your activity of choice is safe for your personal situation ? once you?ve got clearance, get motivated and get moving.

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