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Learning Rare Symptoms of Depression

In many instances, the normal signs of depression, especially among older men and women is misery. However, there are odd symptoms that conceal this disorder and impede proper diagnosis, especially among elderly citizens. It is fairly difficult to detect melancholy among older people who are not inclined to admit this syndrome. On the contrary, seniors would rather complain about lack of sleep, changes in appetite, body pains, and memory problems.

What really are the uncommon signs of depression? It is essential and important to understand the symptoms so that you will know how to react.

One is inadequate energy and fatigue.

This can happen even if the person gets enough sleep at night. On the contrary, some individuals sleep too much and also admit to being depressed. So the issue is tricky. It is a matter of knowing the seriousness of the conditions and to monitor all symptoms.

Anger is another symptom. This is usually set off by simple occurrences which normal people simply ignore. It may be anger which shows but depression is just below the surface.

Depressed people often harbor the thought of death or committing suicide. Dejection makes these individuals think that death is the best solution for their problems. However, it does not necessarily follow that suicide is an option. It is just that death always remains in their thoughts.
Absent mindedness is prevalent in depression. You start missing important appointments or become constantly late in work and other activities. The act of being disorganized may be a precursor of misery.

This condition should not go untreated. Otherwise, it can bring about other problems like medical infirmity as well as cognitive deterioration. However, elderly persons are more apt to obtain remedies for physical disorders instead of psychological problems. This is not really an encouraging development.

Some people on the verge of depression experience occasional outbreak of emotions or tremendous sadness. There is also lack of concern for family members, colleagues or peers. Lastly, some people entertain thoughts of inflicting self-harm. Self-injury is a very dangerous sign of depression. It calls for immediate treatment by medical practitioners. This symptom can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender or social status.

Do not hesitate to ask for support. Help from supportive friends and family will improve your capacity to manage stress. Do not hesitate to consult a psychologist and a professional Home Care Nurse that can help you better manage stress and help change unhealthy behaviors.

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