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Learning Caregiver skills

If the stress of being a caregiver is wearing you down and you need caregiver support, you are not alone.

Specialty Care Services has a number of programs designed to relieve caregiver stress and burnout.

Respite ? As a Caregiver it is important to take breaks for yourself. Specialty Care Services can provide respite care based on the hour, the day or by the week.

Caregiver Skills ? As a caregiver, do you sometimes feel you do not have all the skills or all the answers in how to deal with your loved one? Specialty Care Services can work with you to fill in the ?gaps? and teach you the skills necessary. Our Registered Nurse assesses the home and the needs of your loved one and develops a ?gap analysis?. ?Based on the analysis Specialty Care Services provides trained staff to come into your home and demonstrate the skills as identified in the ?gap analysis?. The caregiver skills program is backed up by Specialty Care Services telephone support. Even after the demonstration has been conducted and you require additional support, Specialty Care Services can provide step by step advice.

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