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Larger and More Graphic Labels Coming for Cigarettes

In an effort to cut down on smoking related diseases and conditions, the FDA has announced plans for new cigarette warning labels.? The new labels will be larger than current labels and will also include vivid imagery and be prefaced with ?WARNING,? before one of nine very strongly worded messages.

The old, fine print warning label hasn?t been updated in a quarter of a century and it no longer seems very effective in either helping current smokers to quit or preventing new ones from taking up the habit.? The FDA is accepting comments from the public on the newly suggested labels until January and will make a final decision in mid to late June 2011.

Every year nearly half a million people die as a result of the use of tobacco products and the FDA estimates that about four thousand kids pick up a cigarette for the first time every day.? Some health care providers are on the fence about potential effectiveness of the new labels, but anything that could make people think twice about taking up smoking is a step in the right direction.

Quitting smoking may not be the easiest undertaking of your life, but there is no doubt that it will result in a wide array of health benefits.? Consult your health care provider for information on a wide array of safe and effective smoking cessation options that can help you kick the habit and start getting healthier today.

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