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Keeping Your Best Friend by Your Side

When it comes time to decide the best course of action for providing care for elderly loved ones, there are plenty of pros and cons that need to be weighed.? The cost of in home care versus the cost of a facility; the type and level of care that a nursing home is capable of providing compared to either an hourly or live in nurse and the impact that a complete change of environment could have on your loved one are all things that need to be considered.

One thing that some families overlook when making this monumental and life altering decision for their elderly loved ones involves that loved ones relationship with a pet.? Most nursing homes don?t have either the space or atmosphere capable of allowing seniors to bring in their four legged companions, so in the event that a senior is moved to a facility for care, that could leave their closet companion out in the cold.

Seniors who live on their own can get much more than simple companionship from their pets – studies show that pets can help to relax their owners and relieve stress.? Senior citizens who own dogs get the added benefit of much needed exercise from walks as well as the protection that their four legged friends can provide from potential intruders.

An in home care provider like Specialty Care Services can deliver the very same quality of care as the best nursing home without the need for an expensive move.? Your elderly loved one can have the benefit of the very best care in the comfort of their own home and they?ll get to continue to share the bond they?ve built with their pet and that?s the best possible scenario for every party involved.

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