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Keeping Seniors Safe from Slip and Fall Accidents

As people age they are more susceptible to serious injuries stemming from falls around the home ? where a thirty year old may come out of a slip or trip and fall with a few bruises and some soreness, an elderly person may suffer a broken wrist and hip that requires them to spend the next several weeks in a hospital followed by regular visits from a home health aid for special care.

Due to the fact that the results of falls are more serious to seniors, it?s important that we do everything we can to minimize the occurrences.? There are a number of things that are easily changed that can greatly reduce the chance of a senior falling and becoming injured ? here are a few of the easiest to address:

Doing things like installing a hand-rail in the shower, tightening railings of all staircases and clearing the floor of clutter are three of the best ways to ensure a safer environment for seniors.? As people age, they aren?t quite as quick and nimble as they were during their younger years and that, coupled with degenerating vision makes the normal clutter that a young person deals with in their home or apartment very dangerous to a senior; and falls on staircases and in bathrooms can result in very serious injuries.

Make sure that there is enough light in a home inhabited by a senior and that the things that they use on a regular basis are easily accessible to avoid excessive reaching and climbing that could lead to a fall.

Many falls could have been avoided if the proper precautions had been taken, when it comes to a senior?s safety the time to act is before a potential injury occurs, not after six weeks of in home treatment for injury rehabilitation.

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