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Keep Up on Your Family Health History

Every physician asks for a detailed medical history prior to or during the initial visit. Providing answers to these questions can get more difficult as we age so it?s a good idea to keep track of past ailments and treatments for future reference.

It?s also good to keep track of ailments suffered by blood relatives as well if possible. Remembering what diseases and conditions your parents and siblings have had can be a way for your doctor to get an idea of what problems you may be predisposed to contracting also.

If you are offering in home assistance to a senior it is a good idea to be prepared with this information prior to the first appointment with a new doctor. As the person you care for gets older they will be visiting different physicians for age related ailments.? Having this information prepared can save time and possibly help the doctor make a more accurate diagnosis.

Enlisting the help of a home health aide can be of great assistance when it comes to compiling this necessary health information.? A visiting nurse from Specialty Care Services can conduct a thorough health review and make note of all current, pre-existing and past conditions through a review of files or interviews with family.? The nurse can also visit with the doctor and go over this family medical history, offering insights that may help the doctor in the senior?s future care.

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