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Junk Food Makes You Depressed

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You?know that?eating junk food can?lead to??obesity, but did you know it can?cause?depression as well? That is the preliminary findings of a new study. Previously a link?was made between?junk food, depression and low self esteem.? It was discovered?that?the intake of?snacks that?are high in calories and low in nutritional value, often lead to?weight gain, which can?lead to depression because of the weight gain and then to low self esteem.

Now a study has discovered a link between depression and the?regular consumption of?hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza, which is?sometimes referred to as “comfort food”.? This research has shown that?over?50% of?people that?regularly consume this type of?diet?are?more likely to develop depression than those who rarely or never?eat?these food items.??The study?involved 900 participants who had never been diagnosed with depression.? Scientists found 493 of them were diagnosed with depression, and discovered that even people who only ate small quantities of?these foods had a much higher chance of developing depression. There was also a clear link between?people who indulged in?comfort food? and those who were single,?exercised infrequently, smoked and worked more than 45 hours a week.? This?evidence further reveals the?relationship between lifestyle?and eating habits.

The results?of this?study?are a reminder?that people need to educate themselves on the health risk that?can be created by the over?consumption of non nutritious?foods.??These risk are?not only physical, but have mental and emotional implications.

A? Home Care Nursing professional can assist in the?preparation?of healthy and nutritious?meals as part of a comprehensive wellness, senior?care and treatment program.



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