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Junk Food Can Make You Depressed

We know too much ?junk food? isn?t good for your physical health, but it?s also bad for your emotional health too.? A new study has found that people who often eat ?junk food? —hamburgers, hotdogs and pizza and ?snacks?, for example, over half of them are more likely to suffer depression than those who rarely or never eat junk food. Part of the problem is that most people who continually eat junk food are likely to be single, smoke, and work more than 45 hours a week without exercise. Even people who only eat small quantities of junk food had a much higher chance of developing depression.

The combination of bad personal habits and equally bad nutritional habits not only affects physical health, but mental health. It?s a ?double whammy? — even if you don?t overwork, don?t smoke and have a ?positive relationship?, too much junk food will damage your health; but the combination is twice as dangerous. Mental health is as important as physical health, and the one affects the other. Most people indulge in junk food and ?snacks? when they are emotionally depressed and physically overwhelmed with work, family or personal issues. These tend to affect daily habits and routines, and leads to depression and ill health, which junk food only accelerates.

But does that mean we have to cut out snacks, and ?munchies??? It depends on what ?snacks? you eat. There is ample evidence that chocolate is good for our health. It can help protect against high blood pressure and the risk of diabetes, and now evidence shows that it also helps protect people with high risk of heart attacks and strokes. ?A trained home nurses can help devise a safe and nutritious diet, and help you keep ?on track?.

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