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January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

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The research group Prevent Blindness in America has joined with other eye health organizations to promote education about Glaucoma. Age related Macular Degeneration may cause more blindness but Glaucoma is the number one preventable cause of the affliction. Half the people who have the disease do not know it because it doesn?t strike central vision until it?s too late.

Glaucoma is really the name for a number of diseases that attack the optic nerve. It can be found by taking a dilated eye test.? The National Eye Institute recommends those with a risk of the disease have the test every one to two years. Those considered high risk are African Americans over 40, anyone over the age of sixty and people who have family history of the disease.

The National Eye Institute has said that 90% of Americans are aware of the disease but only about 8% know it has no early symptoms. This disease is another that strikes seniors more than other age groups so those with a parent or other family member in the over sixty group should encourage annual eye check-ups.

Many seniors do not go to the ophthalmologist as often as they should. Hiring a home health aide to provide assistance with care can help ensure that these necessary appointments are scheduled. A professional senior care provider knows the importance of regular doctor visits for disease prevention and optimal health and can make attending these appointments a matter of course.

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