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It?s Never Too Late

People are living longer these days, but more of them are developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease that shorten their lives and boost medical costs.?Growing old doesn’t have to bring disability and disease. Even adults in their 60s and 70s can reduce the odds of developing chronic disease.

One step everyone should take to improve your health and avoid chronic disease is exercise, and it?s never too late to start. Exercise helps control body weight, lowers blood pressure, strengthens your muscles and?makes you less likely to fall and?injury yourself. An increase in muscle mass also helps metabolize drugs more quickly, which means medicines can be more effectively cleared from the body.

Physical activity, even mild activity like walking or gardening can decrease dementia. No need to join a gym. Daily stretching is important because muscles tend to shorten and stiffen when not active; and Yoga improves flexibility and helps relieve chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Keeping your weight down will decrease the risk of diabetes and certain types of arthritis.
Eating fruits and vegetables every day can lower blood pressure and lessen the chance of vascular disease, diabetes and obesity, cancer, and strengthen one?s immune response.

Increase your chances of preventing chronic diseases by getting:

  • yearly?flu shots
  • screenings for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers
  • screenings for high blood pressure and diabetes

Ladies! Live it up!? Middle aged women who have no more than one alcoholic beverage per day, have better overall health when older than women who did not drink at all, or who drank more than two drinks a day.

A Specialty Care Services?Home Nursing Caregiver can assist their?patients with adhering to a??exercise routine and preparing healthy meals.?


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