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Is Vitamin B and Folic Acid good for the Heart?

Some new research suggests that vitamin B and Folic acid do not ward off heart attacks and strokes as first thought. The research goes even further to suggest that these substances may even be harmful when combined and can negatively impact seniors and elderly more than the general population.

Earlier studies indicated that these vitamins dramatically decreased levels of a substance called ?homocysteine? in the blood suspected of playing a role in the development of heart disease. Because of this study, thousands of patient throughout the developed world with heart disease started taking these vitamins hoping for a positive result.

However, a recent study found that these supplements really do dramatically decrease the levels of homocysteine in the blood, but they offer no heart protection.

This large study sends a clear message that you should not take folic acid and vitamin B pills with the hope that it will lessen your chances of heart disease. Actually, you may want to pay careful attention to another recent study led by Dr. Kaare Harald Bonna, a professor of cardiology at the University of Tromso in Norway. This study was made up of 4,749 heart attack survivors, divided into four groups. In addition to their prescription heart medicine, the first group took very high doses of vitamin B pills every day for three years. The second group took high doses of folic acid. The third group took both folic acid and vitamin B and the fourth group took fake pills.

The study showed that there was absolutely no positive difference in any of the four groups taking the different combinations of vitamins. However, there were twenty percent more heart attacks and strokes amongst the group that took both folic acid and vitamin B.

The patients who fared the worst were the elderly and seniors who also had kidney problems and those who were taking additional vitamins for other health care issues.

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