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Is Retirement Making You Fat?

According to several studies, the average person typically gains 2 to 4 pounds upon retirement. Retired women?are more likely to gain weight than working women that are?the same age.??Men who retire from physically demanding jobs are more likely than others to gain weight. Obviously, some of the weight gain is due to the fact?that?most people become?less active when they retire.?Many also?begin to consume more calories during this time period.? This change in our?eating pattern, combined with?the fact that?metabolism naturally?slow as we age, often results in weight gain.

Weight gain affects? more than just how you look in a swimsuit.? Each year, obese people pay up to nearly $3,000 more in medical costs than normal-weight people. The good news is there are things you can do to change this trend.

Eat better. Retirees often?dine out?and snack more because they have more spare time.??Try to?avoid snacking on foods that are processed and contain? artificial?sweetners.? Eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains, and prepare most of your meals at home.

Exercise more.?Stare lifting weights. You don?t have to?lift heavy weights.??Smaller weights can also?increase your?muscle mass, which will help to raise your metabolism.

Get enough sleep. Seven to nine hours of sleep a night is ideal.

Manage stress. Retirement?can cause weight gain due to ?stress eating? as well as stress related hormonal changes.? Experts say exercise and meditation can counteract this tendency.? Don’t forget to visit?your doctor regularly to rule out anyother possible causes.??A Specialty Care Services?home care nursing professional?can assist you in?managing your weight through?diet and exercise.?

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