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Is Human Growth Hormone the Fountain of Youth?

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The potential benefits of supplementing human growth hormone are widely advertised: increased bone density, increased muscle mass and lower percentages of body fat are just a few of the possible positives, but are these advertisements just a ploy by drug companies to get otherwise healthy seniors hard earned money?

Human growth hormone is naturally produced in our bodies and it is responsible for many of the wonderful things that we associate with being youthful and healthy, as we age the production naturally decreases and with decreased production we experience more difficulty in maintaining the same healthy body and feeling of vibrancy that we enjoyed in out earlier years.

Though this would seem like a logical equation ? simply supplementing HGH when we can no longer produce it at the same level can cause just as many health concerns as it can benefits.? Supplementing unnecessarily with HGH has been associated with swelling in the arms and legs, pain in both joints and muscles and possible gynecomastia (male breast tissue enlargement) and studies have shown that the increase in muscle doesn?t necessarily lead to an increase in strength ? which would be a much more useful benefit for someone trying to age healthily.

For someone who has real difficulty producing human growth hormone, supplementation may be a necessity for good health, but for individuals who just have a reduced production due to age there may be far less expensive, safer and more effective methods to achieve the very same results.

Healthy aging often comes down to making the right choices: proper diet, proper supplementation, the right amount of activity and the proper care and rehabilitation following an illness or injury?are all huge components of healthy aging.? If you or a loved one need help with care at home or in an assisted living community regain movement after surgery or speed recovery following an illness, the very experienced staff of Specialty Care Services will work with you to provide the best solution ? and that?s much more valuable than the promise of a fountain of youth or magic potion any day.

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