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Insomnia is a Problem Seniors May Face Every Night

Senior citizens face a number of problems that they feel are a normal part of aging. One of the most common problems plaguing seniors is difficulty sleeping. It has been reported that up to 13 % of males and 30 % of females over 65 take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep.

Many retirees believe that little or no work done during the day could make it more difficult to fall asleep. That does make sense but aging and retirement do not necessarily make sleeping problems inevitable. Those who help seniors in daily activities should most certainly be aware of the potential signs of insomnia or trouble sleeping.

Lack of sleep affects seniors the same as younger people. It leads to irritability and could even contribute to a depressed mood. The insomnia sufferer can also show signs of poor attention span and memory problems. This can make diagnosing a sleep disorder difficult for a home health aide or a friend or family member offering in home assistance to a senior as poor attention and memory trouble are often associated with other challenges seniors face like dementia.

Getting sufficient sleep is an integral part of maintaining good health. A senior might feel as though a restless night is a part of getting older but a properly trained senior care provider knows the importance of a good night?s sleep. A well trained care provider can identify the signs of sleep deprivation and, along with a primary care provider, suggest the most appropriate treatment.

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