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Increasing Obesity Rates Reflect a Need for Specialized Care

Despite an increased focus on the importance of eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise, obesity rates are still on the rise in many states in the US. Though the increases weren?t quite as high this year as in the past few years 16 states showed an increased rate of obesity and there were no states that showed a marked decline. Due to the fact that obesity can pave the way for so many other serious health conditions it is imperative that strides are made to continue to fight this battle. Senior citizens who are overweight or obese might require a specially designed fitness program in order to make positive strides when it comes to weight loss. An experienced senior care service provider can suggest age appropriate movements that will increase mobility, improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. A properly trained senior care service provider can also help to design a diet plan that will deliver the nutrients necessary for optimal health without fear of weight gain. Many senior citizens have unique needs when it comes to diet and exercise. Pre-existing health conditions may prevent many forms of activity and conditions like diabetes or osteoporosis may require specific dietary additions or omissions. Enlisting the help of an in home senior service provider can ensure that a sensible plan for improving health with minimal risk is followed.

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