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Important News About Statins – Part Two

The FDA has issued a statement that screening for liver problems among statin takers should no longer be necessary unless there are definite symptoms of liver trouble.?? This news comes after the FDA reviewed the number of liver problems reported by users between 2000 and 2009.

Researchers found less than 2 cases of serious liver damage reported per one million patient taking statins. The FDA has gone so far as to say liver enzyme tests should be performed before statin therapy is started but isn?t necessary after beginning the drug regimen unless there are signs of damage.

The FDA plans on changing the label on statins to reflect this new information.? The senior who takes statins for reducing cholesterol should be very encouraged with this information.

Anyone offering in home care to a senior family member can feel overwhelmed with all the information available on medication benefits and side effects. Effectively managing a senior loved one?s medication can be a stressful and challenging task for a loved one who is providing care.

The experts at Specialty Care Services are well versed in all areas of senior care, including medication management.? Enlisting the help of one of our professional senior care providers can make difficult tasks, and your life as a caregiver, much less stressful.

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