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How to Tell If the Meat is Really Fresh

As a general tip, shop in the middle of the week, that?s when most groceries have sales. While shopping, start at the canned and packaged goods first, then go to the produce section, the dairy department, and finally to the frozen foods department in that order. That will put the meats and frozen goods in your cart last. Selecting your frozen goods and perishables last rather than earlier means that there is less time for the frozen goods and meats to thaw in your cart, so they will be fresher when placed in your refrigerator.

When it comes to packaged meat be sure to check the purchase date. If it?s too close to the expiration date, move on. Pork, chicken, beef and sometimes seafood are often packaged in Styrofoam containers. Underneath the meat and seafood is something called a “bladder” is there to absorb moisture and juices that seep from the meat or seafood after packaging. ?The bladder is there to absorb extra moisture, so when you pick up the package you won?t see those juices sloshing around at the bottom, which means the meat or poultry has been on the shelf for some time.

To make sure of its freshness, press down on the meat or poultry. If you see juices seeping out of the meat when you press down, that means the meat or poultry is old, so put it back. On an average, shoppers waste more than $2,000 a year throwing away unused groceries. That can be avoided by checking expiration dates and taking the time to do little tests for freshness. A Home Nursing Professional is trained to ensure that a trip to the supermarket will not only help your budget, but keep you healthy as well.

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