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How to Remember to Not Forget

You’ve heard of people who can recall names, places and events from years past in amazing detail.? And here you are, struggling to remember where you parked the car.

Here are a few tricks that can help you?to remember:

If you want to remember someone?s name, repeat the name when you first hear it, and then say it once or twice again in the course of the conversation. For example “How long have you lived in the neighborhood, Karen??. ?Also, try to find something distinctive in their appearance, or some physical trait such as hairstyle or mannerism (without, of course. staring or mentioning) that makes them unique and individual, and then associate that feature with their name.

Need to remember an address?? Try to visualize a sequence of “associations” as a scene from a movie.

For example, you need to remember how to get to Bill King?s house at 76 Forest Avenue. ?One way is to visualize a King marching in a Forest with a band playing ?76 Trombones?.

Silly?? Yes! But it works! Our brains have a unique ability to make associations.? Mnemonics is a technique that aids information retention by mentally associating words with events, locations or people. We used mnemonics in school to learn grammatical rules: ?I? before ?e?, except after ?c?. Elizabethan actors learned their long soliloquies by associating parts of their speech with certain features or areas in the theater they performed in. Looking at a specific place would trigger the associated lines to be spoken during a performance. ?Some modern actors recall their lines by visualizing the location of the text in the script they used in rehearsal.

Using tricks like this has two benefits: first it helps you remember, and secondly, it keeps your brain active.??A Specialty Care Services?nursing professional can assist you as you practice these techniques while providing?other home care services.?

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