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How Super are your Super foods?

There is no doubt about the fact that some foods are far better for us than others.?? Some foods are so loaded with powerful anti-oxidants, nutrients and healthy fats that they have been bestowed with the title of ?super foods.?? The only problem with this moniker of ?super food,? is that some businesses are taking their advertising claims to an unwarranted level and leading consumers to believe that their products may be a bit more super than they actually are.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a complaint against the manufacturer of a popular line of pomegranate juices and supplements.? The FTC states that advertising claims made by POM Wonderful are unproven and misleading.? According to the FTC, POM Wonderful has made claims that its supplements have the power to help treat or prevent such serious conditions as heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction without the appropriate proof to back those claims.

POM Wonderful has shot back at the FTC, stating that people and their health care providers have every right to know about the results of research that they have conducted.? The issue lies in the fact that the research cited by POM Wonderful doesn?t necessarily meet the requirements of being scientifically reliable.

Pomegranates are a powerfully beneficial food source that would be a great addition to just about any diet.? This battle between the FTC and POM Wonderful shouldn?t tarnish people?s view of this wonderful fruit or of doctors and health care providers? notions to recommend it.? Just be sure to proceed with caution whenever you hear news about a food or supplement that sounds as if it may be a little too good to be true.

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