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How Seniors Can Cope with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid Arthritis is considered an auto-immune disease which results in the body attacking itself. The disorder occurs in body joints and usually lasts for several hours. It also produces pain, fatigue, fever, joint inflammation and rigidity. This type of arthritis occurs symmetrically on both sides of the body.

Rheumatoid Arthritis can not only affect your joints but also causes problems in your eyes, heart, muscles, blood vessels, and nervous system. It may develop slowly over the years or develop quickly. Obesity and some prescription medicines for high blood pressure can also aggravate the arthritis.

You may be suffering from arthritis if you experience pain and swelling frequently in the joints. There is usually soreness, redness or movement problems. It is advisable to see a specialist (a rheumatologist) if any of the signs mentioned persist for more than two weeks.

If you have arthritis, you should get enough rest, take part in proper exercises and eat a nutritional diet. At the same time, find out how you can protect the knees, elbows and skull. A cane will be useful for walking if there is unbearable pain in your knees, hips and feet. Some medications, like acetaminophen or a non-steroid inflammatory drug, can help in reducing pain. These are often sold without prescriptions. However, it is advisable to get the opinion of your doctor for possible side effects.

For mild to average rheumatoid arthritis, one option is to take corticosteroids which can help relieve swelling. This drug blocks potential impairments of the immune system. Unlike acetaminophen, this should only be taken with a prescription from medical professionals if other treatments are not effective. Exercises with a wide range of motion like swimming, walking or dancing can help make the joints stronger. Strengthening work-outs or weight training can also reinforce muscle strength. Likewise, endurance exercises like aerobics or bicycle riding keeps heart arteries healthy and helps in weight gain prevention.

A well-trained home nurse and caretaker from Specialty Care Services will certainly be of great help for old folks in their arthritis treatments and strength training exercises.

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