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How Healthy is Your Diet

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A recent phone survey conducted by Consumer Reports reveals that many Americans don?t have quite as healthy a diet as they believe they do.? The survey consisted of more than twelve hundred participants who provided extensive information on their eating and beverage habits.

More than 50% of people survey reported that they believed their diet was at least somewhat healthy and another 35% or so claimed to have either very healthy or extremely healthy diets.? Unfortunately, nearly forty-five percent of participants admitted to having at least one high sugar soft drink or sweetened beverage per day.

Beverages are an often overlooked area of the diet that can add a great deal of unnecessary calories to your diet and seriously effect weight loss goals.? If consumed too often, sugary soft drinks and fancy coffee concoctions can be a major contributing factor to obesity and obesity related conditions.? While an occasional sweetened tea or coffee beverage might be fine, regular consumption of sugary drinks and confections can ruin an otherwise healthy diet.

Consult your doctor or health care provider for suggestions of food and beverage substitutions and nutritional supplements that could make your current diet healthier.? Your health care provider may also be able to suggest an age and fitness level appropriate exercise program that will help maximize weight loss with your new, healthier eating plan.

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