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High Salt or Low Salt for Heart Health

The American Heart Association and health care providers have been recommending that Americans cut the amount of salt in their diets to avoid high blood pressure and other issues for years.? A new study conducted by researchers in Belgium and backed by the Salt Institute suggests that a high salt diet may be an even better option for heart health than a low salt diet though.

The study?indicates that those who eat the least sodium – about one teaspoon a day – don’t show any health advantage over those who eat the most. In fact, those with less salty diets actually had slightly higher death rates from?heart disease.

The study gathered information on salty food consumption by measuring sodium levels in the urine of more than 3500 participants.? The participants? health was monitored over the course of an eight year follow up period.? According to researchers those with the highest levels of sodium were at a much lower risk of dying from heart disease than those with the lowest sodium levels.

The American Heart Association points to several potential flaws with the study including the overall timeframe, the narrow field of study subjects and the method of sodium measurement.? The AHA also sites the wide array of studies that point to the fact that a low salt diet is better for heart health.

Diet is a huge part of overall health and decisions on alterations to your diet shouldn?t be taken lightly.? Consult your health care provider for the best advice on ways to improve your health with adjustments to your current diet.

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