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Help with Senior Embarrassment

Senior embarrassment is a common feeling among seniors who require specialized care. This feeling can lead to the senior not being very communicative about a variety of issues, including potentially serious problems with memory and incontinence. The in home assistance provider must be aware of this and take steps to ensure that something that is bothering the person they care for does not go undetected.

An older person may be feeling embarrassed by their forgetfulness. They may be bothered by a normal lapse of memory that anyone could have because they fear it may be the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. When speaking to a senior, you must give them your undivided attention, and if they are having trouble remembering something, note it to discuss it later with their doctor.

The senior in your care may also be having some urinary incontinence issues. Depending on the level of care you provide, this may be another secret they are keeping. Be aware of the number of times they use the bathroom, and if you suspect something may be wrong, ask unthreatening questions in a sensitive way about this subject.

Providing care to a senior is challenging in many ways. Being sensitive to feelings of embarrassment can be critical to ensuring the best possible health and quality of life for seniors. Specialty Care Services offers personal care in Washington DC and the surrounding areas that can help you navigate these situations with a senior you love. Contact us today to find out more.

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