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Hearing Problems Can Be Detected by Those around Us

When a senior is having trouble hearing, those around them can be the best ones to diagnose the problem. A common sign of hearing problems is a senior asking you to repeat yourself frequently or having trouble understanding you on the phone. Other signs can include the radio or television being turned up to very high levels or a senior having difficulty hearing or understanding women and children.

Once a senior care provider notices some of these problems it is time for a hearing test.The NIH states that only 38% of people over seventy have gotten hearing tests in the last 5 years. That may be due in part to seniors feeling embarrassed about their hearing and fear that they may have to wear a hearing aid.

Difficulty hearing may or may not be directly related to a serious medical issue. During typical cleaning of otherwise healthy ears wax can be pushed closer to the eardrum which can inhibit hearing. If this is the case an experienced medical professional may be able to perform a thorough cleaning that will eliminate any wax buildup and restore normal hearing.

The in home care provider is important in identification of this problem and in getting the senior in their care the proper help. With the proper diagnosis and treatment issues can be treated and the senior in question may be able to resume normal activities without further issues with hearing.

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