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Hearing Loss Can Be Related to Diabetes

According to the National Institute of Health, diabetes sufferers are subject to hearing loss twice as many times as the regular population. This information is very important to senior care providers. If you are caring for a senior who has diabetes, you should look for signs of hearing loss.

The senior may ask you to repeat your instructions or any part of your conversation. When you arrive the radio and television may be on too loud for normal enjoyment. When you accompany the person in your care outside the home, do they have trouble hearing you due to the surrounding noise in restaurants and shopping centers? These symptoms may indicate hearing loss and they should be mentioned to the primary physician.

Diabetes can damage the small blood vessels that help give us our sense of hearing. These blood vessels keep the small bones in the inner ear and the auditory nerve functioning properly. The person affected may not realize that they are experiencing hearing loss, so it is up to the caregiver providing in home senior assistance to be aware of this possibility.

The family member offering a senior in home assistance may not be aware of this, so an in home evaluation by a professional service provider can be arranged. They can educate the novice in this and many other vital areas so better care is given to their loved one.

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