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Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise can Prevent Stroke

The bad news is that, despite a decline in the death rates over the course of the last five years, that?stroke is till the number three cause of death and a huge health concern in the US.? The good news is that, by following some easy to implement lifestyle changes that you can work to minimize your risk for stroke.

The American Heart Association has released some new and enlightening information in Stroke:? Journal of the American Heart Association.? According to the AHA, adopting certain healthy lifestyle behaviors, like quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy bodyweight, has the power to help reduce the risk of first time strokes by as much as eighty percent.

Following healthy diet and nutritional supplementation suggestions from your health care provider is a big step toward preventing a first stroke.? Getting more fresh fruits and vegetables and limiting high fat foods can help you achieve and maintain a target weight set by your health care provider and that is a big step toward reducing stroke risk.

Starting a regular exercise program can also help to reduce the risk of stroke.? Just two and a half hours of moderate activity per week is enough to help most people improve cardio vascular health and lose excess bodyweight.

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