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Health Scams

You may have seen these advertisements and testimonials:

  • ?Smart Drugs? for long life
  • ?Arthritis Aches and Pains Disappear Like Magic!?
  • ?This treatment cured my cancer in one week.?

The health care industry,?like other industries, is sometimes affected by? individuals? that are charlatans and develop scams to take peoples money. Today?s ?snake oil salesmen? aren’t just found in country fair sideshows, but are seen in newspapers, television ?infomercials?, direct?mail and?telemarketing campaigns.??These false claims are?generally?presented as testimonials?and?seniors are often the?target? ?This type of?advertising can be harmful.??Many of? these unapproved?products?can be harmful?and can?interfere?with?the effectiveness of prescribed medication.? Purchasing these types of products?can also cost seniors financially and prevent them?from being able to afford the medications that have been prescribed.

The reason that many are fooled by?these false?ads?is because?of the?promise of?a? quick and easy cure that appears to be?painless.? These claims?often provide a sense of false hope, which?in some cases can be harmful in the long run.

The ability to?differentiate false advertisement?from?legitimate claims?is very important.??One difference is that many false?ads claim to cure?chronic??diseases? like diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer?s disease, which have no cure.

Be aware? of some of the following?common phrases used in false ads:

Anti-Aging Medications -?Despite claims, no?drug has been proven to slow or reverse the aging process.

  • Arthritis?Cures –??Arthritis ?remedies? can be easy to fake as arthritis tends to come and go. They may seem to make ?cure? when, in fact, it is just the normal ebb and flow of your symptoms. Claims that promote treatments with magnets, bracelets, chemicals, special diets, radiation, etc. are clear signs of a scam.
  • Cancer cures. Scam artists prey on our fear of cancer.? There is no one treatment that cures all types of cancer. By using unproven methods, cancer victims may lose valuable time and lessen the benefit of proven treatment and for controlling or curing the disease.
  • Memory Restoration? – ?Avoid so-called ?smart pills??and products that claim to?have the ability to?retrain your brain.
  • Dietary?Herbal Remedies?- ?Many herbal?supplements do not undergo government testing or review. While some remedies? may be?helpful, others may?cause?side effects that?can be harmful, interfere with prescribed medication or have a negative impact on some??medical conditions.

Always consult?a doctor if you have any questions concerning the legitimacy of any drugs or products.? ?A professional home care nurse can help? ensure that you?take the?medication prescribed by your physician in an efficient and effective?manner.

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