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Health Rules You Can Break – Part 1

Many health rules are grounded in science and common sense, but some are not!

?Don’t Crack Your Knuckles!? ?The myth is that this habit will cause arthritis. It may be annoying, but there is no medical evidence that it leads to arthritis. However, cracking your knuckles repeatedly may hurt your fingers in other ways. ?After all, you?re pulling the finger bones apart! That can?t be good, and it?certainly is an annoying habit.

?Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hair!?? Wet hair chills you, but it won’t make you sick. Wet hair doesn’t insulate your head, which is why you feel cold.??Actual colds are caused by viruses, which means washing your hands and avoiding crowds and sick people?are the preventative measures that should be taken.

?Don’t Swim After You Eat!? Sorry Mom, eating a big meal may make you feel full, but it won’t make you drown because of cramping. Eating diverts?blood to the digestive system, which?can slow you down.??Your body is??still capable of?providing enough blood and oxygen during exercise to avoid severe?cramping.

?The ?Five-Second? Rule. When we drop food on the floor, germs will stand by with a stopwatch waiting five seconds before latching onto food. ?Yeah, right! This rule?was tested and found to be nothing more than a??myth.? Research found that food dropped on carpet attracted fewer germs, but more cat hair.

?Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever?. There?s no evidence to support this old wives? tale. When it comes to illness, drinking fluids helps?to quicken a?recovery, and hunger pangs?are the?body’s well of indicating that it needs nutrition. So obey Mom?s other home remedy: ?Eat!?

Specialty Care Services?Home Care nursing professionals can assist their patients?with maintaining habits that will promote a healthier lifestyle based on?medical science not myths.



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