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Great Expectations

Getting older may scare the ?Dickens? out of some people, but aging?is better than?it use to be! People are living longer?and maintaining their health while doing so.

Natural aging is a relatively minor process until we reach our nineties. Aging itself is not only slow; it’s often imperceptible from year to year.? Here are some clues on what to expect as we age.

What to Expect when you?re 50. You may notice subtle and possibly unwanted changes in your metabolism and skin. ?A dermatologist can prescribe?products for blemishes, and a certified personal trainer can?design a fitness program?that will speed up your metabolism.

You may?also experience improvements in some areas?as you age, such as fewer allergies symptoms, (believe it or not) a better sex life and a more positive outlook on life in general.

What to expect when you?re 60.? Being ?60-something???isn’t considered?old anymore. Staying mentally and physically active can help keep you both fit and young at heart. Just take care about your diet and exercise.? You’ll experience obvious and subtle changes in your physical and mental health.

Lifestyle plays a major role in the type of symptoms that you will experience as you age.?Some people?may?notice an increase in ?age spots? and?lines and wrinkles.? They may be more obvious now?then they were in?your 50s.? Smoking ?or spending a significant amount of time in the?sun?during your youth?can cause significant damage to the skin.

What to expect when you?re 70 – plus. Yes, it?s true. Your nose and ears do grow larger; and you?ll have less hair where you want to have it. But on the flip side, this age group is more physically and sexually active than any previous 70-plus generation.

Wrinkles and ?age lines?? will become more prominent, so now it the time to?begin?using skin products and sun screens with a Skin Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30 every day.

A Specialty Care Services home care nursing professional can assist patients with adhering to a healthy diet and?consistent exercise program.? This type of lifestyle will ensure that your?twilight years? remain?bright and active.


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