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Good News for Avid Aging Runners

If you had always had visions of yourself crossing the finish line of a marathon, but feel that the effort may prove to be too much for you due to your age and new study may have you thinking again about lacing up your running shoes and strapping on a race number.

The results of the study, consisting of more than 160 amateur runners between the ages of 50 and 72 revealed that, though there were some temporary changes to the heart following the 26.2 mile run that there was no evidence of lasting heart damage.? The older runners were examined 10 days prior to competing in the race, again at the finish line and then again two weeks following completion of the marathon and the findings were very similar to what researchers had seen from younger runners who competed in full marathons.

The head researcher of the study, a cardiologist from the University of Medicine on Berlin attributed the temporary change in the heart?s function to not properly hydrating during the long, grueling race.? Ray Gibbons, the spokesman for the American Heart Association was quoted as saying the dehydration is the biggest reason for health problem for marathon runners.

Of course, tackling a marathon is no small task and requires plenty of training and dedication.? Prior to plans of training for a marathon, taking up distance running or participating in any new exercise program, you need to consult your doctor or health care provider to ensure that the activity is safe for you.? Even if you have no plans of competing in a race, increasing your daily activity levels can do wonders for your overall health, ask your health aide for suggestions on fun, safe and effective ways for you to get in more physical activity to keep you weight in check and to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

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