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Get Easier on the Eyes

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Eyesight is a crucial factor in our elderly loved ones independence – the worse the vision of an elderly loved one gets, the less they can do on their own and the more care they will subsequently need.? If necessary eye care procedures aren?t followed a person?s eyesight will most likely suffer, that?s why it?s imperative to have regular examinations from an optometrist to catch and treat potential problems as they arise and to ensure that prescriptions are kept up to date.

In addition to the dangers of losing independence, waning vision has also been associated with depression in the elderly, and considering the fact that the suicide rate among the elderly in the US is among the highest of any age group, anything that can potentially lead to depression needs to be treated as treated as fully as possible.

Some elderly people may be reluctant to make ?another trip to the doctor,? but you need to try to stress the importance of maintaining good vision and do whatever it takes to make the care they need as easy as possible.? Helping them to find the lightest and most comfortable frames possible so there is no pain involved in the necessary equipment for them to see properly can go a very long way.? Also do your best to instill the fact that regular exams and new prescriptions are quite possibly the key to them staying at home with a home health aide providing care or potentially going to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Keeping your elderly loved ones as independent as possible and giving them the opportunity to continue doing things that they love to do can keep them happier and healthier and that can also help to greatly reduce the burden you may feel from providing care.

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