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General Health Factors Could Contribute to Dementia

and dementia are a huge cause for concern among the aging population in the US. Different forms of dementia can have a profound impact on a patient?s quality of life and may require a patient to enlist the help of a full time live in senior care provider.

There are a number of health issues that are known to increase the danger of developing Alzheimer?s disease and other forms of mental handicap. A new study shows that doctors may need to look beyond conditions like diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure when calculating patient risk though.

Researchers analyzed the data of well over 7000 men and women over the age of 65 who participated in the Canadian Study of Health and Aging. After reviewing information from the ten year study researchers concluded that a number of general health factors could all increase the chance of developing dementia.

Some ?factors may have a greater overall impact on ?dementia risk but this study shows that maintaining general health is important for warding off cognitive issues. Seniors who are considered high chances for Alzheimer?s disease and other forms of mental deficiency should work to maintain a healthy diet and increase activity levels. By focusing on improving overall health through the advice of a senior care service provider seniors may be able to cut their risk of cognitive impairment.

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