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Flu Shots Come with a Choice

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The cold and flu season is upon us and this fact has many seniors scheduling appointments for a flu shot. Physicians are, of course, the primary place to get a shot to help prevent influenza. There are choices that older Americans can make about the strength of dosage to be used though.

The FDA notes that there have been no clinical studies to determine whether a higher dose flu shot prevents more cases of influenza that it?s weaker counterpart. There are also possible side effects that can be more likely with the stronger dose shot.? Pain or swelling in the injection site and headaches are some of the side effects that are slightly more frequent with those who opt for the higher dose shot.

These are some considerations that some people may be uncomfortable with. If you have been caring for a parent or family member that is 65 or older a consultation with a physician should be considered before trying the stronger dosage.

A consultation with a Specialty Care Services professional can also be a good way to prepare your self and loved one before your visit with the doctor. Our senior care experts are very familiar with these types of decisions and with helping seniors with all aspects of medication management. Our staff member could accompany you to the doctor?s office to ask pertinent questions regarding the flu shot and any other medications.

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