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Find Your ?Blue Zone?

What Are ?Blue Zones?? Blue Zones are places where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on the planet. There are several Blue Zones in the world; Nicoya, Costa Rica and Sardinia, Italy are known Blue Zones.?? These residents?live active healthy lives well into their 80s. There is even a ?Blue Zone? in the USA — Loma Linda, California, where a community of Seventh-Day Adventists have life expectancies nine to eleven years longer than the average American.

The most recent known ?Blue Zone? is Ikaria, Greece, where the rate of elderly dementia is about one-fourth that of Americans. Not only that, four times as many Ikarian men and two-and-a-half times as many women reach the age of 90, and?are healthier than Americans?in the same age group.???80% of Ikarian men aged 65 to 100 have active sex lives, and, according to reports, are still pretty good at it.

The secret is a good diet; a variant of what is called the ?Mediterranean diet?- teas that lower blood pressure made of dandelion, sage, rosemary, (but no parsley or thyme); sweeteners of honey instead of refined sugar, stone-ground wheat bread, and two to four glasses of wine each day. Some States in the USA have begun Blue Zone Projects of their own; and the results show life expectancy of the participants increased by 3.1 years, and their healthcare costs were slashed by nearly half.

Food and lifestyle are not the only factors that?inflence longetivity.??Creating a positive and healthy social?environment is important also.?? Blue Zone’s?longevity-boosting traits are?based on positive relationships,?sense of community and ?family first? attitudes.? Specialty Care Services? can assist in the?creation of healthier environments? by providing caregivers and companions that can aid in the process of achieving these wellness goals.

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