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Few People Get enough Vitamin D

Once the updated guidelines from the Endocrine Society get published in July many health care providers could change their recommendations to patients about supplementing with vitamin D. The new guidelines suggest that very few Americans are getting the amount of Vitamin D needed for optimal health.

According to the latest information from the Endocrine Society a huge cross section of the US population is at risk of a vitamin D deficiency. Pregnant women, people who are obese, people of African or Hispanic decent, anyone with osteoporosis, elderly people who have sustained fractures and many others could all be at risk.

Vitamin D allows the body to use calcium more efficiently to improve bone strength and it is thought to help reduce the hazard of falls in the elderly. A vitamin D deficiency could potentially increase the danger of many diseases including a number of cancers, heart disease, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases. Getting enough dietary supplement exclusively through food sources can be relatively difficult though as food sources rich in vitamin D aren?t very plentiful.

The body naturally produces vitamin D with exposure to the sun, but too much sun can create other serious health problems. This leaves health care providers with the challenge of helping their patients get the necessary vitamin in order to reduce the risk of serious conditions without potentially increasing other health problems.

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