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Family Care or Home Care?

Sometimes when?a senior family member?becomes ill, has an accident or simply?ages, they may require long term nursing care.? ?Families often fall into the ?We’ll do it our-self? mode.???These feelings ?may?result from?affection,?obligation, and/or?concern about expenses.? The family may ask, ?Why hire a caregiver when?we can handle it ourselves?? But is this really the best answer?

When seniors need longterm nursing care, family members may not have the training or the time to provide the?care that’s needed; especially if they have jobs and careers to tend to as well. The statistics are revealing: 42 percent?of employees in the United States have cared for an older relative or friend, and 61 percent of family caregivers are themselves over 50 years of age.???50% of caregivers are?working full-time and only 11% are working part-time.

Female caregivers who are?age 50-plus, and?who stop working to care for a parent, lose an average $324,044 in wages and benefits.? The average?male?doubling as caregiver?will lose an average of $283,716.45 in wages and benefits.?? 64 year olds are the largest employed age group caring for a parent or family member. 68% have had to make compromises that affect their incomes. They?take time off, come in late?and leave early. Many have turned down?and denied promotions, while others have had to take a?reduction in?work hours.? Some have been forced to quit their jobs altogether or change to a?part time employment status. Obviously, a?reduction?of income?can affect the ability of the caregiver to provide?adequate financial?support and put?the entire family at risk.

A licensed Home Nursing Professional from Specialty Care Services will?not only benefit the?client by providing professional?home care, but it?will?also relieve?family members who can now be confident that?their loved one is getting the professional?care that is needed.? Family members that were acting as caregivers can now go to work free of personal distractions and worries, and?reap the benefits that are afforded?to employees that are?productive.


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