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Falls Continue to be a Challenge to Senior Health

The CDC reports that falls are the number one injury related cause of death for people over the age of sixty-five. The Senior Journal has put up a checklist on their website with tips from the Administration of Aging on how to prevent falls.

The checklist includes items such as tacking down throw rugs or securing them with double sided tape. Installing handrails on both sides of stairways and grab bars beside toilets and in the bathtub and shower areas are very good prevention techniques as well as many falls occur in the bathroom.? The list also recommends keeping often used items within reach to avoid stepstools and to have a light and telephone next to beds for added safety.

These fall prevention ideas are just one way that the person offering in home assistance can help the senior in their care. There are also exercise programs and medications that can become an important part of this prevention program.

The professionals at Specialty Care Services have long been aware of the threat falls pose to our senior citizens. Our home health aides are experienced in medicine management and can be a great ally in the prevention of falls now and in the future for any senior living independently in their home.

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