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Fall Prevention is an Integral Part of Senior Care

can design age appropriate fitness programs that will improve strength and balance. Making positive strides in these physical attributes can help to dramatically reduce the risk of potentially serious injuries that occur as a result of falls. Most people associate falls with bumps, bruises and broken bones but according to a recent study appearing in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association falls can carry a much greater risk. According to the study a fall or accident that results in a traumatic brain injury dramatically increases future stroke risk. Researchers concluded that those suffering a traumatic brain injury where ten times more likely to suffer a stroke than those that hadn?t suffered a brain injury within the first few months of the injury. As time progresses the increase in stoke risk does seem to go down but at the five year point those who have suffered brain injuries are still more than twice as likely to suffer a stroke than those who haven?t. While not every fall will result in a traumatic brain injury the alarming results of this study should make fall prevention an even larger focus in senior care. An experienced senior care provider can eliminate clutter from the home, ensure that regularly used items are accessible and work to improve mobility which will result a dramatic reduction in fall risk.

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