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Exercising with Arthritis

Regular exercise can be very beneficial to arthritis sufferers ? it can strengthen the muscles around your joints, increase your flexibility and really help to reduce your arthritis related pain.? Mobility is a huge concern as you age ? the ability to move around freely gives elderly people the opportunity to stay in their own homes with minimal assistance from a home nurse rather than being moved to a full time health care facility, but the type of exercise you perform may be just as important as how much you get.

Arthritis sufferers don?t have quite as broad an array of choices when it comes to selecting an exercise program.? You?ll probably need to avoid high impact forms of exercise like running, jumping and any sports that may put undue stress on your joints.? Low impact exercises are the best options for those with painful joints, movements like walking, swimming and cycling will help to ease pain and increase flexibility just as well as higher impact movements but without the associated risk of potential damage to already sore joints.

If you are looking to start a new exercise program to help keep you mobile and pain free, to help manage your weight or to just look and feel better; it?s best to first discuss the different options with your doctor and home health aide to make sure that you will be getting the bets possible benefits from your program without the possibility of causing injury.

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