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Exercise May Protect Brain Aging

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A new study says if you want to protect your brain against aging, a brisk daily walk can do more than playing brain teaser puzzles or social activities.

Researchers studied nearly 700 people in their early 70s and found that those who were most physically active had less brain shrinkage than those who got less exercise. At the same time, social and intellectual activities appeared to have little or no effect on brain changes.

The question is?does exercise?really protect the brain, or is it that those who have cognitive decline?less likely to exercise? ?Any type of physical exercise increases the oxygen level of blood, and that may keep brain tissues healthier. It’s not necessary to run or even lift weights to get the mental and physical benefit of exercise; walking is just as effective.

Although physical exercise is important,?don’t ignore the benefit of?those brain teasers exercises and maintaining an?active social life.? These activities?may still have a positive effect on the brain ? just one that can?t be measured. ?If?cognitive changes are beginning to?interfere with your?daily activities, you should consult a doctor.? Memory lapses may well have very treatable causes.? They can range from?chronic stress, depression, vitamin?deficiency,?sleep disorder,?and/or side effects from prescription drugs.??Untreated infections in the body?can also affect one?s physical and mental health.

It?s a well known fact that overall health is influenced?by both physical and mental exercise. Specialty Care Services home care nursing professionals?can assist their patients in maintaining a?balanced program of both physical and mental exercises. These activities should include both social interaction,?challenging games and puzzles, as well as?physical exercise.??This type of lifestyle can improve?physical and mental health and lead to a better quality of life!

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