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Exercise Cited as Effective in New Guideline for Treatment of Depression

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For the first time in a decade, the American Psychiatric Association has issued an update on the guidelines for treating depression.? The new guidelines took five years to research in order to reveal the most effective methods for helping patients who suffer from any level of depression from mild to severe.? Nearly ten percent of American adults suffer from depression and more than three percent of those fall into the category of major depression.

Among the treatment options covered in the new guidelines are:? medications, exercise, talk therapy and alternative treatments.? Doctors and health care providers are urged to use careful analysis to determine the best course of treatment for each patient?s individual symptoms.

Though proper diagnosis and treatment are crucial for minimizing the negative effects of clinical depression, you don?t necessarily need to wait for a prescription from a psychotherapist to begin exercising.? Participating in a regular exercise program is something that anyone can do to improve their mood and make their lifestyle healthier.

Regular exercise can help keep your weight in check, help you sleep better, improve your appearance and elevate your mood.? Exercise isn?t something that you should wait to be told to do by a health care provider; it?s something that you should be proactive about because of all of the positive benefits that you?ll see.? Go to your doctor or home nurse with your plan for a new exercise program to get clearance and once you?ve got the ?okay,? it?s time to get up and get moving.

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