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Excess Stomach Fat Linked to Increased Risk of Osteoporosis

Many people understand that having a good deal of excess body fat can increase the risk for a number of health conditions.? What you might not know is that certain types of body fat can put you at an even greater risk for certain conditions.

A new study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America has pinpointed excess abdominal fat as a risk factor for osteoporosis in women.? The researchers analyzed data from more than four dozen premenopausal women with an average BMI of thirty and found that those who carried the most excess visceral fat around their waistlines had the lowest bone mineral densities.

Though there is no direct way of targeting a specific type of body fat with diet or exercise, following recommendations of health care providers and adopting a healthier lifestyle can have big benefits.? Eliminating empty calorie foods and beverages from your diet in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables can have a profound effect on overall fat loss, as can participation in a regular exercise program.

Focusing on a healthy diet and getting at least the minimum amount of exercise as recommended by your health care provider will work to rid your body of both visceral and subcutaneous fat.? This will ultimately help to reduce your risk of obesity related conditions, diabetes, heart issues and osteoporosis.

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