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Every Pound Matters

Information compiled from nearly twenty long term studies confirms that even slight increases in weight can have a profound increase on risk of death.? The new study, which contains health information from nearly a million and a half adults followed for periods of up to 28 years, shows that even a five point increase in BMI can increase the risk of death by more than thirty percent.

Even subjects who were slightly overweight had an increased risk of death and risks increased substantially along with instances of higher body mass indexes.? The dramatic increase in risk of death was evident even in non-smokers and subjects who were in good health otherwise.

This massive study provides even greater proof of just how much obesity can affect life expectancy.? The information presented here should serve as the perfect motivation for everyone to take the steps necessary to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Following a healthy, balanced diet and participating in a regular exercise program are two of the best ways to help get your weight and BMI into a healthier range.? Ask your health care provider for ideas on safe and effective exercise programs that are appropriate for your age group and current fitness level.? Your health care provider will also be able to help provide direction for adopting a healthier eating plan.

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