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Essential Treatments and Medical Tests for Seniors

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There is a whole lot of screening and precautionary tests recommended by medical experts for people above the age of 65. The majority of the examinations must be done occasionally. Nevertheless, the benefits of discovering specific ailments diminishes as people get older so additional screening may not be needed anymore. If an elderly person has a primary care physician, he or she can request a personal health testing schedule. This is generally based on the individual’s health history and mutual decision made between doctors and their patients.

It is also important to have your blood pressure taken every now and then by a certified health care provider. If possible, this should be performed at least every year. Checks should be made more often if there are risk factors and heart conditions. Step on weight scales frequently as well. For older people, muscles gets replaced by fat in the midriff. Calories burn slowly since metabolism slows down at this point. Colorectal screening for possible cancer diseases must start at age 50 until 75 years old. Screening may have to be performed earlier if there are already clear symptoms.

For women, breast examinations are also crucial. There is a modern type of mammogram which doctors usually recommend once every year beginning at age 40. Other mandatory tests for older women are pap smears and pelvic exams. The latter is capable of detecting disorders such as vaginal and cervical cancers. The Pap smear should be performed every three years. However, this test is no longer required for women 65 years or older.

Screening for cholesterol must be also taken seriously. Remember that too much cholesterol can cause strokes and heart attacks. Fortunately, this condition can be treated with prescription medicines, exercise and a healthy diet. At the same time, you must distinguish between good and bad cholesterol. Osteoporosis should be another concern of seniors. Get a bone density test especially if you have experienced a fracture. This ailment can put you at risk for permanent disability or even death. Consult your doctor about this matter. Vaccinations are also necessary for those over 65 years. An annual pneumococcal vaccine provides protection against pneumonia.

A professional Home Care Nurse from Specialty Care Services can help elderly people facilitate and evaluate these simple tests for appropriate guidance and treatment from medical practitioners.

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