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Essential Statistics About Mental Illness

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Mental illnesses are much more common than most people realize. There are also many misconceptions about mental illness. Here are the a few important facts to know about these disorders ? which are far more common than most people realize.

  1. Almost 19% of all adult Americans experiences some type of mental illness.
    That?s one out of every five people in the United States.
  2. One person out of every 24 has a serious mental illness.
    This is a mental disorder that causes serious functional impairment, substantially interfering with or limiting important life activities.
  3. Anxiety disorders affect more than 40 million adult Americans.
    These are actually the most common type of mental illness in the US today.
  4. Women are twice as likely to be affected by generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as men.
    To make matters worse, GAD often occurs at the same time as major depression.
  5. Only 37% of those suffering from anxiety disorders receive treatment.
    Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet many fail to see a doctor or follow up on their treatment plan.
  6. Approximately 8 million adults suffer from PTSD during any given year.
    This is only a small percentage of those individuals who have experienced a major trauma.
  7. More than twice as many women as men suffer from PTSD.
    In fact, five out of every ten women experience a major traumatic event at some point during their lives. Rape, childhood abuse, or being battered all carry an especially high risk of developing PTSD.
  8. Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability for those ages 15 to 44.
    Also more common in women, MDD affects over 16 million adults in the US in any given year.
  9. Bipolar disorder affects almost 6 million American adults.
    This is approximately 2.6% of the population age 18 or older each year.
  10. Obsessive compulsive disorder affects 1% of the US adult population.
    That?s approximately 2.2 million individuals. Men and women are equally likely to have OCD, with a third of all cases first exhibiting symptoms in childhood.

If you think that you or someone you love may be suffering from some form of mental illness, make an appointment with a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment can have a huge impact on your health and happiness.

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