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Elderly Folks And Prescription Medications

As people become older, use of prescription medications is expected to increase as different medical conditions become more frequent. These medicines are relatively safe if used properly although risks remain since the elderly are more vulnerable to the side effects of medications. Likewise, bodily changes due to aging like poor vision and arthritis can produce a number of problems in taking medicines that are prescribed by physicians.

See to it that you discuss these concerns

with your physician. Familiarize yourself with various pills and their dosages and side effects. Medicines have brand and generic names. The medical name refers to the active ingredients while trade names are given by the manufacturers. One type of medicine may have different names or packaging forms. Ask the pharmacist for a clarification before purchasing a particular tablet, syrup or capsule.

Do not mix different pills into one bottle. Label each container and note the corresponding expiration date. Do not take medicines that have already expired. And be sure to consult a medical professional regarding side effects. Your doctor may reduce the dosage or advice you to stop taking those that are not effective. Also be sure to record your allergies to certain medicines. The same rule applies to herbal products. Check with the experts before purchasing supplements. Some may not be suitable for you.

There are also some essential issues to consider. One is that the liver and kidneys deteriorate as you start to age. These body organs are less efficient in breaking down these medications which means that there will probably be side effects. The nervous system and brain also become sensitive to medicines like painkillers and sleeping tablets. Doctors normally prescribe these for a limited duration. Weakening eyesight can also be an issue. See to it that you ask the pharmacist to give you information and labels with larger prints. Elderly folks might also find it hard to ingest large tablets or capsules. So drinking water will help you swallow these medicines. Or, you can request syrups or a soluble variety. Keep in mind that the doctor?s advice should not be ignored.

Consult with your Home Care Nurse about symptoms of medications bought from the local pharmacy. Home Nursing Professionals from Specialty Care Services have been trained to handle physical and emotional concerns of seniors as well as the administration of various medicines. We can also help you ask the proper questions regarding symptoms and other concerns.

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