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Elder Health

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New discoveries in medicine as well as new technological advances are allowing us all to live longer, healthier lives. Our chances of winning the battle against many diseases are better than ever. However, according to a source, ?the array of new medical options introduces a number of new considerations, particularly for the elderly population. Many elderly people are managing not one, but several conditions at once, with a variety of medications. This means that prescribing doctors must be on heightened alert for dangerous drug interactions and side effects.? At some point in life, most individuals are confronted with critical treatment decisions. Elderly patients must choose to ?endure side effects and complications and extend life, or forgo treatment for a good quality of life.?

How does family impact one?s decisions regarding treatments?

Often people decide on more aggressive therapies because they are encouraged strongly by their loved ones. Understandingly, this happens purely because their families wish them to live as long as possible. says, ?It?s very important to make that decision without succumbing just to pressure from family members, because in the end, the decision will affect the patient more than anyone, and ultimately it is their decision.?

At Specialty Care Services, we do everything we can to support our clients and their families when making these types of decisions mentioned in this E-Newsletter. We are here for support in any way we can be and are proud to say that we offer services that are not simply done well, but with care and consideration; with warmth and with genuine concern. We are a small business and are therefore able to offer our clients one-on-one attention when they need it. We are here to offer their families support when mom or dad decides to turn down the miracle drug in an effort to simply live comfortably, or when mom or dad decides to choose the risky procedure in an effort to live better. We are a support group. We are Specialty Care Services and we wish you a great rest of your week!


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